Bayview Foundation, Inc.

Bayview Foundation’s guiding purpose is to facilitate families as they meet their needs, realize their dreams and make contributions to the community. Together, Bayview Foundation and Bayview Townhouse residents created a people proven model of successful, dynamic cooperation that works. The Bayview Foundation supports its culturally diverse, low-income families in realizing their aspirations by providing affordable housing, fostering cultural pride, and building community through the arts, education, and recreation. These key elements evolved from over forty years of experience in the business of neighborhood development. We are a good neighbor, nestled amidst downtown Madison’s government, health care and educational complexes.


1966 – Bayview Foundation is established to develop Bayview Townhouses

1971 – Bayview Townhouses are completed

1976 – Foundation awards first mini-grant of $400 to support neighborhood activities

1981 – Foundation expands property management staff responsibilities to include coordination of neighborhood activities

1985 – Bayview opens the Community Center, holds first Annual Triangle Ethnic Fest, and pursues funding to expand programs

1988 – Bayview organizes first public art project

1989 – Neighborhood playground is completed

1990 – Bayview Triangle Mural Project is commissioned to honor local history of The Greenbush Neighborhood at the Fest.

1991 – Bayview becomes a member organization of Community Shares of Wisconsin/Community CHIP; School of International Dance and Call for Peace Drum & Dance Company locate to Bayview; Foundation funds $20,000 for neighborhood programs

1996 – Community Center becomes Bayview International Center for Education and the Arts with the completion of the center building expansion

2002 – Artist, Harry Whitehorse, dedicates his sculpture, “One Child Spinning Through Mother Sky” at the 18th Annual Triangle Ethnic Fest

2003 – Artist, Nancy Giffey presents “Bayview Magic Carpet Mural” at the Annual Triangle Ethnic Fest

2004 – Bayview celebrates 20th anniversary of the Annual Triangle Ethnic Fest

2009 – Bayview celebrates 25th anniversary of the Annual Triangle Ethnic Fest

2014 – Executive Director David Haas retires after 36 years of service to Bayview community and Andy Heidt hired as Executive Director

2014 – Bayview celebrates 30th anniversary of the Annual Triangle Ethnic Fest

2015 – Bayview expands senior programming and services


Bayview Art Gallery

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Community Center

Bayview International Center for Education and Arts, informally known as Bayview, is reflective of its focus. Promoting itself as “a place where families can grow,” the Center is one of several organizations under the umbrella of the Bayview Foundation.

Its uniqueness stems from its focus on developing the family through cultural pride, education and arts appreciation.